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I'm a highly motivated illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for typography, model making and everything digital. I have excellent attention to detail with a fun and quirky style. I also have a keen interest in user experience. 


Any Questions? Get in touch!


Ben May

+44 07454 954 681


I've had the immense pleasure of collaborating with the supremely talented Ben over several years. Ben is a superb creative with a wonderful style of illustration. Positive in approach and thoughtful in the process.

John Greenwood

Art Director

Ben's crisp line work and dramatic handling of contrast brought atmosphere and style to my gamebook project. His design for the key velosteam image has formed the focus for my front covers ever since, inspired fan art, 3d models and other illustrators' approaches to my books. Ben handled the brief really professionally, editing, producing alternatives and working with me until we were both very satisfied with a job  well done. He's friendly, hard-working, keen to get the image right, inventive and, crucially, talented.

Martin Noutch


Ben is a freindly and creative Superstar! He always goes above and beyond the call of duty, Sometimes working through the nights sometimes to hit our deadlines. It has always been a pleasure working with him over the years on many artist projects.

Juliette Mosley


Ben RPG Web.png

Ben May is that unusual combination of creative and efficient. His design is first class, inventive and always delivered on time. I would recommend him to anybody

Perry Casey


I first met Ben May in New Zealand, walking around the filming location of The Lord of the Rings. He was beautifully sketching people, landscapes... And I needed to talk to him, as the curious journalist I am.


A few years later, as he was publishing his book Behind the Mask, I asked him about a digital project. I proposed him to create a mobile app following the rules of his gaming book. This is how we did start a collaboration. This is how I realized the complete artist he was.


I cannot briefly resume the pleasure it was to share some working moment with him. If you have a project, ask Ben May!

Sébastien Sigaut-Mañas 


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